Policies for Book donations

The donation of books from students, teachers and alumni of Peking University, from people of all fields of society to the library are welcome. All donors will be issued appreciation letters by Peking University Library. However, due to the limitation of the collection range and the collection space, the library will make selections among the donated books, please be aware of the following regulations.


  • Books that are in line with ranges of teaching and scientific research.
  • Official publications, but also unofficial publications of high academic and keeping value.
  • Academic books.
  • Books that the library does not have, or needs to have copies; 1-3 copies are appropriate.
  • One volume of the works of teachers, students and alumni of Peking University will be kept in the special collection "Peking University Library", and the rest copies will be deposited in other relevant reading rooms for readers to use.


  • Any books which do not meet the collection policy above.
  • Books that do not meet the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China.
  • Informal publications (manuscripts and other literature of high academic value are excluded).
  • Books in worn-out conditions.
  • Books with crossed lines, annotations or headnotes. (rare copies from abroad or books annotated or commented by celebrities are excluded).
  • Books with outdated contents.
  • Uncompleted set of books.
  • Books that have scant academic values.

3. Management of the donated books

  • Once books are donated to the library, the library is to have the ownership and discretion of the books.
  • The library is under no obligation to send the donated books back to the donor.
  • The acceptation of the book does not mean that the book will be the permanent collection of the library.
  • The library reserves the right to handle the unaccepted donated books or remove the accepted books out of collection without informing the donor.

4. Treatment of the unaccepted or removed donated books of Peking University Library

  • Books that have academic values, but not suitable for the library collection, or or that library already has one copy, will be donated to the teachers, students or other libraries.
  • Pirated books and dilapidated books will be sent to scrap yards.

5. Contact information

  • Donors can directly bring the books to the Resources Center of the Library. Tel: 62751053-211.
  • Or send to the address: Resources Center, Peking University Library, Haidian District, Beijing; Postal code: 100871.
  • If multiple books are donated at one time, local donors can contact the library, and the library will have them picked up. Tel: 62751053-211.