History has witnessed various changes of the library building. The present building consists of the west building (the old library which was established in 1975) and the east building (the new library which was established in 1998). After the 2005 remodeling of the west building, the library took on as an entirely new look. And Changping Depository Library was set up in 2009 as the first Chinese offsite storage library.

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The Book Collection Building of the Imperial University of Peking

The Red Building

The Old Building at Songgong Mansion in Shatan

National Southwest Associated Universities Library

Yenching University Library

The Old Library Building of Peking University (the West Building)

The New Library Building of Peking University Library Building (East Building)

the main entrance of the Library

the Library building which matches beauty of Fragrant Hills

the landmark of Peking University

the Library under the night sky