Readers could use the Library Self-Service System for printing, copying and scanning. Please download and install the Printer Driver Application (For Windows). You can also submit your documents to the Online Printing Platform via

Locations of all-in-one printers

  • Black-and-white printers:
    Sunny Lobby
  • Color printers:
    Sunny Lobby
    First floor of west building
    2nd & 3rd floor of east building
    2nd floor of west building, Room 201
    1st Floor of Rare Book Library

Self-service fees

Printing and copying fees per page:
 Black-and-white A4: ¥0.1
 Black-and-white A3: ¥0.2
 Color A4: ¥1
 Color A3: ¥2
Scanning fees: ¥0.05 per 64 KB