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The patent specification refers to the various types of specifications published by national patent offices or international patent organizations, which is the subject of patent literature. The main function of the patent specification is to disclose the new technical information and to determine the scope of the legal protection. In the patent specification, all the technical information of the patent application and the accurate legal information within the scope of the patent protection can be obtained. Frequently used websites are listed.

Table 1 List of Patent Search Platforms



Innography Patent Search and Intellectual Property Analytics Software

Derwent Innovations Index(DII)

Wanfang IP Database

International Patent Classification Search Website

Chinese Patent Classification Number Search website

State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C

China and Global Patent Examination Information Inquiry

Patent Full-text Database of American Patent and Trademark Office

Espacenet Patent Search

European Patent Register

Japan Platform for Patent Information




China Intellectual Proproperty Right Net


Table 2 Websites of Intellectual Property Office

World Intellectual Property Organization

State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Japan Patent Office

UK Intellectual Property Office