Research Fronts

The goal of the service is to analyze and publish the research frontiers and hot topics of various disciplines in Chinese Universities. Based on various data sources, including paper published recently, the numbers of papers downloaded and cited, users’ retrieve data, users’ focus data etc. The reports can provide references for the development of various disciplines.

Reports on Research Frontiers of Peking University

Data Source:  WOS, CNKI,  Scopus,  Elsevier Science(ScienceDirect),  Summon, Fund data

Tools: EXCEL、SPSS、Tableau、CiteSpace

Analysis method: Keywords Frequency Analysis、Keywords Concurrence Analysis、Content analysis

Some completed reports are as follows:

Library, information and archives management | Psychology | Chemistry | Environmental Science and Engineering | Material science and Engineering | Atmospheric Science | Physics | Computer science and technology | Boiology | Geography | Geological Science | Geophysics