E-Book Readers

In order to upgrade the reading experience of the faculty and students at Peking University, the library has introduced 150 Hanvon e-book devices for free service.

The model of e-book devices are N516 and N518, which use the Electronic ink technology, guaranteeing a comfortable reading experience. The portable design makes it possible to carry your entire library of e-books and documents nearly anywhere.

To learn more: http://www.hanwang.com.cn

Readers can log in Hanvon Bookstore http://www.hwebook.cn to download books, and can also download e-books from other websites.

Borrowing guide

The e-book device borrowing procedure is the same as general books, you can search for the “e-book device” in library bibliography retrieved system (OPAC) for the collection information. Readers who have a University ID card or a Library Card can borrow one device at the Loan Desk; the loan period is one month and the device cannot be renewed; yet can be reserved online..

The e-book device reservation procedure is also the same as general. Once the device is returned, it will be shown in your account and you can borrow it at the Loan Desk. The reserved one will be kept there for 4 days. If the book was reserved by one more readers, it will be lent according to order of time. If the device you have borrowed  already been  reserved by other readers, the device renewal request is not available.

For any overdue, lost or damaged items, fines will be charged according to the Peking University Library Regulations of Overdue, Damage and Loss.

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