Research Project on Core Journals

Dear readers,

Due to the questions frequently raised by readers about A Guide to the Core Journals of China, we are hereby making some simple clarifications:

1. A Guide to the Core Journals of China is a research project conducted and participated by researchers in the Peking University library and a dozen other university libraries as well as experts of related institutions. The research findings are published in printed books, and, up to now, there have been 8 editions published by Peking University Press: the first edition (1992); the second edition (1996); the third edition (2000); the fourth edition (2004); the fifth edition (2008); the sixth edition (2011) ; the seventh edition (2014); the eighth edition (2017). These findings have not been published on the website yet, and the various versions of core journal list in the name of A Guide to the Core Journals of China on the internet are not put forward by this project.


 2. As to question of “the period of validity,” it has to be clarified that A Guide to the Core Journals of China is regularly updated according to the dynamic development of journals, just a research result. This guide mainly serves the library intelligence department as informational references with which the librarians purchase and reserve books, as well as tutor to reading. it is not an evaluative standard of academic studies and hasn’t legal and administrative effectiveness, So the saying of this Guide’s "period of validity" is inadequate, its application is up to those institutions that make use of it. But it is recommended that those who use the Guide do not judge it solely by the date of its publication, because of the inevitability of the time difference between the date of Guide’s publication and the date on which the article is submitted or published. 


3. As a reference tool of submission, in the section of "Introduction to Core Journals" in A Guide to the Core Journals of China, there are some general introductions to the content and information of all the core journals serving, but the information may be inconsistent with the present condition and requirements due to the inevitable and incessant changes. Therefore, it is a must that readers directly contact the editorial department of these journals before submission. 


4. Peking University library was commissioned by Peking University Press to sell A Guide to the Core Journals of China, and this library has never been in a sales related cooperation with any other company, nor has it conducted any telemarketing or even mailed books and invoices to the users in order to solicit purchases, all of which have nothing to do with Peking University library. If users come across such fraudulent conducts or can offer some criminal clues, please promptly report to Peking University Press, and this information will be forwarded to the Police Department, so as to bring offenders to justice as soon as possible. Informants’ Hotline Telephone: 010-62752024 (Peking University Press); the email:


5. A Guide to the Core Journals of China (2004,2008,2011,2014,2017) can be subscribed at

Service Tel: 010-62753195


The Committee for A Guide to the Core Journals of China

December, 2018.