Library Cards

These regulations hereby are published to faciliate book-borrowing, and the registration of readers.

The Library Card and Reading Card include: valid ID Card of Peking University, or other valid ID cards authorized by the PKU Library. Please contact the Registration Counter if you have registration problems.

Registration of the cards

1.Faculty (including postdocs) and students affiliated with PKU can use their University ID Cards to borrow books after activation at the Registration Counter.

2.Staff under contract system, exchange students, foreign students on government funds can activate their University ID Cards at the Registration Counter and use them as  Reading Cards. To have access to borrowing privileges, a certain amount of deposit fee shall be charged. Student trainees from other institutions and self-financed foreign students shall pay service fee for the reading access, and deposit fee for the borrowing access.

3.Visiting scholars, teachers for vocational studies and foreign experts hired by PKU under national missions or interschool exchange programs can apply for Library ID Cards with valid certificates of PKU.

4.Foreign students and experts enrolled in training classes and degree classes offered by colleges, and researchers from other universities can apply for Library ID Cards with a recommendation letter from their cooperative institutions of PKU and with guarantee (by on-site signature) by a faculty of PKU.

5.Students graduated from Continuing Education can apply for Library ID Cards with their student cards and the list of the registered students from the college of continuing education.

6.Temporary reading cards can be applied with stipulated fee. Access is restricted for one-day use and the card shall be returned before 5 pm.

7.Students pursuing remote education in Beijing can only apply for Reading Cards before their student cards expires.

8.The Interlibrary Loaning Cards can be issued by libraries from other universities, colleges and research institutes in Beijing according to the following regulations:

    · Consult the Registration Counter if you have any questions. An agreement shall be signed by both libraries.

    · Libraries of cooperative universities and colleges: five Interlibrary Loaning Cards in maximum, one for free and four for fees, can be applied.

    · Libraries of other research institutes: only one Interlibrary Loaning Card is allowed. The service fee is waived for libraries in collaboration with the PKU library.

9.All applications require presentation of a photo and fees must be paid before a card can be issued.

10.Please contact the Registration Counter regarding to inquires of deposit fee and service fee.

11.The issuing fee, service fee and deposit fee are all managed by the Financial Department of the PKU. If the receipt of a deposit fee is lost, the fee can still be reimbursed only if there are no unreturned books and unpaid fines. To apply for refund, present a proof report by the Registration Counter plus a stamp from the cooperative institution.

Use of Cards

1.Valid Library ID Cards and Reading Cards are the identifications for the access of entry, borrowing books and studies in the library. Show your cards as regulated and obey the inspection procedures by library securities if necessary.

2.Cards shall only be used by authorized individuals and not be lent to others. An attorney letter is required if other individuals are consigned to borrow books. If unauthorized use of other individuals’ card is found, the card will be revoked and a fine shall be imposed.

3.The cards can only be used before they expire.

Accesses of readers of different status are seen in the List of Borrowing Privileges.

Loss Reporting and Replacement of Cards

1.Lost of University ID Card: loss reporting shall be made according to the regulation of the management office of campus card. Loss of cards authorized by the library: loss reporting shall be made at the Registration Counter or the Book-return Counter with valid IDs. The card owners will be held liable for all the check-out books in your name

2.The replacement of a University ID Card shall be done at the management office of University ID Card. To reapply, contact the Registration Counter, and a service fee shall be paid.

Leaving the university

1.Before leaving the university (including graduation, job transfer, suspension of schooling, termination of study, demission, and completion of training class), return all the check-out materials in your name and close your account.

2.If the card owner passes away, a family member shall act on behalf of the card owner.

3.If the card owner leaves the university without returning the borrowed books or canceling the cards, the competent organization or the guarantor shall take the responsibility retrieve the books or compensate the loss.


Day-pass visitors are required to provide their IDs in order to enter the library. They should be Photo IDs such as an identity card or a student ID card which shows your residency or passport with a proof of residency. Refer to our information for visitors for further information on what kind of identification you will be required to provide. If you are a regular visitor, check some stuff you know to see what kind of library membership you may be entitled to.